How do you choose the best covers for your garden and patio furniture?

How to choose the Best ClearSpell Covers

Which types of garden and patio furniture need to be covered?
Often we are told that certain types of garden and patio furniture do not have to be covered, because they are made from durable, weatherproof materials such as aluminium, rattan, cast-iron etc.

The reality is that all types of materials are attacked by the weather, especially the sun’s ultraviolet rays and extreme temperatures which attack the molecular integrity of the materials themselves and they become brittle or lose structural strength.

Why should you cover all types of garden and patio furniture and parasols?
Good quality garden and patio furniture covers prolong the life of the furniture and parasols by many years, keep them clean and grime free and the covers preserve the pristine look of expensive furniture by protecting them from UV rays and temperature fluctuations, stop the growth of mildew and mould and prevent the furniture from looking dull.

Which is the best material for garden and patio furniture covers?

The best material for garden and patio furniture covers is:

  • Highly UV resistant
  • Waterproof, not just water-resistant, but still breathable to prevent moisture being trapped and mildew or mould forming
  • Easy to install and remove so you can enjoy your furniture quickly when needed
  • Is tied easily but securely, so the covers and furniture are not damaged in blustery conditions
  • Strong enough not to be torn by wind, rough handling, installation, pets, objects falling onto the furniture, etc
  • Durable enough to ensure your money is well invested to protect your furniture for a long time
  • Soft enough not to scuff the furniture when the wind blows or when fitting the covers
  • Able to protect the furniture from direct contact with cold, heat, moisture and snow to protect the structural integrity of the furniture
  • Backed by a decent guarantee and/or warranty so you are assured of good quality
  • Supplied by trustworthy service providers with good after-sales service

Covers should be the correct shape and size for the furniture or parasols covered. Under- or oversized covers are not fully functional, while covers fitting properly will show off your furniture even when covered. The correct shape and size cover is also easier to fit and remove.

DuraSpell garden and patio furniture covers tick all these boxes.

  • DuraSpell covers have a remarkable 50+ UV rating which prevents 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays from even reaching the furniture and the covers themselves are highly UV resistant.
  • They are 100% waterproof, but due to the unique micro-fibre weaving pattern can still breathe to prevent mould or mildew
  • Are quickly and easily installed with ziplocks so you can enjoy your furniture without a lot of schlepp
  • Are tied down with rip-stop security ties to ensure they are not blown off or flap about
  • They are made from a unique woven microfibre polyester that is far superior to any other polyester, PVC, acrylic or nylon currently available
  • Do not fade or stain, so the covers keep looking new for many years
  • Are dense enough to keep out dirt, grime, tree-sap, bird droppings and moisture, to keep snow and water away from the furniture, yet soft enough to be fitted easily and not to scuff the furniture
  • Are extremely strong and durable and will not fade. This claim is backed by a market-leading 5-yr guarantee.
  • Are supplied by ClearSpell Ltd, a reputable company that manufactures and sells the best quality covers. Our staff care about our customers and will go more than the extra mile to assist you before, during and after purchasing the covers best suited to your furniture
  • ClearSpell Ltd provides covers made for all the best-known brands of garden and patio furniture, as well as bespoke covers for your specific needs. We also assist you with expert advice on how to measure your furniture and buy the correct shape and sizes.
  • We provide shedder frames to prevent pooling in the centre, or help you create your own shedder frame.

Please check our buyers guide for more detailed information or if you need help working out what size and shape outdoor garden covers you require. For best advice Click here