How do you choose the right material for garden furniture covers?

How do you choose the right material for garden furniture covers?

DuraSpell Fabric Covers - used for all ClearSpell garden furniture covers

Why do I need to cover my garden furniture?

You have spent a great deal of money on buying the best garden furniture and you want to make sure your investment is protected and will remain in pristine condition for many years.

Even if your top-quality garden furniture has been manufactured to resist the elements, the integrity of the material will still be attacked by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, cold, heat, snow, water, wind, dirt and abrasions. The best way to properly safeguard your garden furniture is to cover them with DuraSpell Fabric – used for the very best quality garden furniture covers. ClearSpell utilise DuraSpell for all of their covers.

How do I know which material is best for furniture covers?

Here is a list of questions to ask before you buy furniture covers. It is important to note that ClearSpell garden furniture covers are made from DuraSpell, a unique top-quality woven micro-fibre fabric that ticks all the boxes!

How long will they last?

DuraSpell fabric is made from a unique woven microfibre-polyester that is far superior to any nylon, plastic or cotton covers available on the market.

Backed by a market-leading 5-year guarantee, Duraspell fabric covers give you the peace of mind that they will last a very long time, protecting your valuable possessions and prolonging their life for many years. The 5-year guarantee says your furniture will last for AT LEAST five years longer and in reality much longer still!

Do they protect your furniture from the sun’s destructive ultraviolet rays?

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are an invisible form of radiation that attacks the molecular structure of your furniture, eventually making it brittle and breakable, irrespective of the material used. The UV rays also alter the chemical bonds of materials and bleach the colours, leading to fading and discolouration.

Duraspell Fabric has an amazing 50+ UV rating, protecting the covers themselves and the garden furniture from both UVB and UVA rays. The 50+ UV rating means that the fabric blocks more than 98% of the ultraviolet rays from reaching your furniture, preventing damage and the “tired” look that even the best furniture have after a few years.

Do they protect your furniture from rain and moisture?

Extended exposure to rain or other forms of moisture can cause extensive damage to garden furniture of all materials. Even materials like aluminium are susceptible to oxidation and at the very least the material will eventually look dull. Water accumulates especially in joints and crevices, causing the growth of bacteria, mildew and mould.

DuraSpell fabric is 100% waterproof, preventing any contact with rain, keeping your furniture clean and looking new.

A shedder frame will prevent water from pooling in the middle and keep the furniture completely dry.

Do they protect your furniture from cold and snow?

Extreme cold and snow can damage virtually any garden furniture, whether wood, rattan, aluminium, cast iron or synthetic materials. The cold affects the structural integrity of the materials and lets wood and rattan crack. When water freezes, it expands and can damage joints and hinges, or break the wood and rattan.

The tight weave of 100% waterproof Duraspell fabric prevents direct contact with cold air, keeps the snow and moisture off the furniture and protects the furniture from blizzards. All your garden furniture should be protected with a cover during the entire winter season and also on cold nights during the rest of the year.

Are they easy to fit?

You want to protect your garden furniture from the elements and keep them clean, but you do not want to spend hours fitting and removing covers or storing them.

DuraSpell cover fabric is made from an extremely strong and durable fabric that is super-light. This enables ClearSpell covers to be quickly and easily fitted by one person, with our unique one-touch zip lock system and removed just as quickly. They have their own handy carry bag, so they are easily and neatly stored away when you take them off.

Are they securely fitted?

ClearSpell covers are quickly and easily secured with rip-stop security tabs that ensure they will not be blown off by a strong wind. ClearSpell offers expert advice on how to secure your furniture from blowing away or being damaged in a storm.

Will they properly fit your furniture?

You do not want sloppy one-size-fits-all covers. ClearSpell manufactures covers for all the prominent brands of garden furniture and parasols. Covers are made to fit benches, tables, chairs, sofas, corner sets, daybeds and cocoons, as well as covers for the entire set.

Please check our buyer’s guide if you need help working out what size garden bench cover you require. Click here

Will they scuff your furniture?

DuraSpell cover fabric is made from a soft, pliable material that will not scuff the furniture when the covers are fitted and removed, or when blown about, even in a strong wind.

Are they washable?

DuraSpell cover fabric is fully washable by hand or in a washing machine and dry quickly. In normal circumstances you can shake out any dust or simply wipe the covers with a damp cloth.

Are they attractive?

DuraSpell garden furniture cover fabric is made from an attractive woven fabric in smart colours, so your furniture is shown off to best advantage even when covered.

Do they have matching cushion bags?

ClearSpell cushion bags are made from DuraSpell, the same micro-fibre weave fabric as the covers. They are strong, attractive, lightweight, durable, waterproof and have a 50+ UV rating.