How do I protect my tubular Aluminium Garden Furniture with ClearSpell Covers?

How do I protect my tubular Aluminium Garden Furniture with ClearSpell Covers?

Aluminium garden furniture is very popular because it is lightweight, strong, durable and easy to maintain. The main types of aluminium garden furniture are cast aluminium, wrought aluminium and tubular aluminium. Aluminium frame tubing garden furniture costs less, but is still strong and is available in a variety of contemporary styles and different colours. Aluminium tubular frame furniture will have some sort of fibre or fabric integrated into the design and come with a wide choice of upholstery and cushions.

Aluminium tubular chairs could have slats made from aluminium, wood or synthetic materials; some have a sling or woven-string design; or might be combined with rattan and wicker weaves. Tabletop options include hardwood slats, glass and ceramic. Some tubular aluminium frames are powder coated in a variety of colours for protection and décor choices.

While aluminium is durable and does not rust, even if it is powder coated, it will eventually erode in harsh conditions such as stark sunlight, extreme cold, snow, high humidity, constant moisture and salty air. The joints and screw holes are particularly vulnerable, as are the integrated fibres and fabrics.

The UV rays of the sun attack the aluminium, fibres and fabrics and gradually break down the structural integrity of the materials. The same is true of snow, extreme cold and moisture and it is imperative to protect your aluminium garden furniture from the elements. ClearSpell covers have an extraordinary 50+ UV rating to protect your furniture from the sun and minimise fading of the powder coating or other fabrics. Because it is 100% waterproof, it protects your furniture from rain and from moisture building up in joints or crevices. ClearSpell covers also shield the furniture from snow, frost, salt and direct contact with cold air, while you can quickly remove the covers for a relaxing day on the patio on warmer days.

While the light weight is one of the attractions of tubular aluminium garden furniture, it is also its achilles heel. It has the potential to be blown around, causing dents or nasty bends in the tubular aluminium. ClearSpell covers are easily fastened with ziplocks and have ripstop security tabs to prevent the cover from flapping about and damaging the furniture. This feature also makes it easy to secure the lightweight furniture to an anchor point; or stacked or grouped furniture can be covered with a single rectangular cover that can be tied down. A shedder frame will prevent water from pooling in the centre and the furniture can breathe underneath the cover to prevent mildew or mould forming. The covers also protect your furniture from dust and grime. The covers themselves are easy to clean. They are fully washable or can be wiped down with soapy water or a wet cloth.

By protecting your tubular aluminium garden furniture with ClearSpell covers, you will prolong their life by many years. The market-leading 5-year guarantee on ClearSpell covers back the quality of your investment and give you the peace of mind that both the covers and furniture will last for many years. At the very least, this means you have prolonged the life of your aluminium furniture.

ClearSpell covers are available for all types, shapes and sizes of aluminium furniture. One of the great features of ClearSpell garden furniture covers is that your furniture looks classy and attractive even when covered because ClearSpell covers are made from the best quality woven microfibre polyester and are available in various appealing colours.

If your tubular aluminium furniture is not powder coated, you are advised to treat it with silicone spray or car-wax once a year and to clean it with mild soap water and a brush with soft bristles and a soft cloth.

Please check Clearspell’s buyers guide if you need help working out what size and shape aluminium garden furniture covers you require. For best advice Click here