ClearSpell Premium Rectangular Garden Furniture Set Cover 290cm x 188cm Fully Waterproof with 5 Year Guarantee


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Super-lightweight DuraSpell fabric
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Exclusive 5 Year Guarantee
  • Fully Waterproof
  • U.V Tested 50+
  • Zip locking with Rip-stop Security Ties
  • Full Winter Protection
  • Washable/ Wipe-clean Surface
  • Carry-bag for Easy Storage


Length: 290 cm / 114 in
Width: 188 cm / 74 in
Height: 90 cm / 35.5 in
Colour: Tungsten

How do you make your outdoor furniture last for decades? By protecting it with top-quality Duraspell garden and patio furniture covers!

Our Duraspell range of covers fits all popular sizes and shapes of garden and patio furniture.  For your large outdoor lounge sets, U-shaped and L-shaped sofa sets, and rectangular dining sets, choose the Duraspell 290 X 188cm rectangular cover.

What makes the Duraspell premium rectangular furniture cover special? It is made from the best quality woven microfibre polyester that outperforms just about any other cover in several respects.

  • Strength and durability:
    • Duraspell woven microfibre polyester covers do not tear, and keep their shape because they do not stretch, shrink, or pill.
    • They have very high abrasion resistance.
  • They are 100% waterproof.
    • Microfibre polyester naturally repels water, literally like letting rain run off a duck’s back.
    • The tight weave of the fabric shields the furniture from all water and moisture.
    • Ziplocks seal out any rain or water from sprinklers.
    • Microfibre is thinner than human hair, with the weave creating micropores that allow moisture inside the covers to evaporate, without letting water in.
    • This keeps your furniture dry because moisture is not trapped under the cover to harm your furniture.
  • Ease of fitting by one person.
    • They are soft and super lightweight.
    • Their flexibility, allowing them to stretch in four directions, allows them to be easily and snugly fitted.
    • Ziplocks are fitted that can be closed with one hand.
  • Ease of cleaning.
    • Dust and loose dirt can simply be brushed off with a bristle brush.
    • Debris and dirt can be hosed off.
    • Remove stains from bird droppings, tree sap, dirt, etc. by washing the covers with clean water and allowing them to dry in the sun.
    • Remove stubborn stains with mild soap and a bristle brush and rinse off.
  • Exceptional 50+ UV resistance.
    • Polyester is one of the fabrics with the best resistance to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and is not easily damaged.
    • The microfibres are tightly woven, allowing only 2% of the sun’s rays to penetrate, protecting your furniture.
  • Mildew and mould resistance.
    • Mould and mildew do not easily adhere and grow on polyester, keeping the covers free of organisms.
    • Because no damp is trapped under the covers, the furniture and cushions remain dry, leaving nowhere for mould and mildew to grow.
  • Securely fastened
    • Ziplocks are extremely easy to close and open when fitting or removing the covers.
    • Ripstop ties with a grid pattern tie down the covers, preventing them from flapping or being blown off in a strong wind.
Exclusive 5 Year Guarantee – Industry Leading Guarantee because our DuraSpell woven covers are made to last.
U.V Protection tested at over 50+ Preventing harmful sunlight deteriorating your furniture.
Water Resistant: Washable and Wipe Clean
Lightweight, Durable, Water Resistant & Breathable
Full Winter Protection – Rain, Snow, Grit and Sand, Sap and other Natural elements that can spoil your Furniture

Unique One touch Fitting System: Rip-stop One touch Security Tie for Quick, Secure and Fast Fitting. ClearSpells covers offer full winter protection for Patio furniture, but we appreciate that our customers also want to protect their furniture when not in use or when a shower is coming over. ClearSpell has already threaded a cord throughout the full circumference of our covers so that covers can be fitted easily and secured in seconds.

(Unlike many covers where you must secure them on individual eyelets and often find yourself stuck for somewhere to attach your cover; it can also result in tearing occurring at the eyelets).

The 290cm X 188 cm rectangular cover fits all the major outdoor brands such as

  • Bramblecrest: Kingscote Cloud rattan 6-seater cube set, with stools or footstools, Lucca sofa with chaise and rectangular coffee table, St Emillion 2-seater sofa with rectangular coffee table and 2 armchairs, St Lucia 10-seater rectangular dining set, Kingscote L-shaped sofa with rectangular table.
  • Hartman: Sanza 8-seater rectangular dining set, and Sanza rectangular casual dining set.
  • Alexander Rose: Bolney 10-seater rectangular dining set, and Barlow Tyrie Aura rectangular dining set.
  • Norfolk: Lima Akola rectangular dining set, and Metropolitan sofa set.
  • Kettler: Palma Low lounge corner set, Palma dining set, Palma casual dining Grande corner set.

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