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All of our Duraspell garden furniture covers come with a market-leading five year guarantee.
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Garden Chair Covers

Even though superior quality garden chairs are manufactured from good materials that can withstand the elements better than others, both the cushions and framework are still vulnerable to fading, cracking, mildew, mould, and dirt. Duraspell chair covers add an extremely valuable layer of additional protection from the sun, rain, wind and snow, which will add many years of life to your investment, keeping them looking fresh and new way past its market-leading 5-yr guarantee... The woven-fibre polyester is completely waterproof to protect especially wooden and rattan chairs against water or moisture damage, and the exceptionally high UV rating (50+) keeps most of the harmful rays of the sun away from the upholstery, as well as the wood, rattan, plastic or aluminium chair frames. Duraspell garden chair covers are attractive and still show off your garden chairs even when they are covered. The soft, malleable material is easy to handle and ensure that the covers do not rub on the chairs and cushions, leaving scuff marks even in blustery conditions. One person can easily fit and remove the chair covers because they are soft and super-lightweight and are secured with zip locks and rip-stop security ties. Under normal circumstances, you only need to wipe the polyester clean, but after prolonged storage they may be filthy and the good news is that they are fully washable. Some garden armchairs would be easier to stack and cover with a single Duraspell cover, which will save time and costs. Another option is to group all the chairs and table and cover them with a Duraspell dining set cover. Please check our buyer's guide if you need help working out what size garden bench cover you require.

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