Garden Banana Parasol Covers

A Banana Garden Parasol is the ideal solution if you want to spread out your picnic blanket or serve tea or dinner in the garden on a sunny afternoon. The great benefit of a Banana Parasol is that it can be used at almost any angle and at almost any height. Whether the sun is directly overhead or just above the horizon, you can adjust your Banana parasol to shield you from the sun, without the parasol or frame getting in the way... When you go back inside, you can leave the Banana parasol in place for next time by simply folding it up and covering it with a Duraspell Banana Parasol Cover and continue to enjoy it for many years, with the backup of a market-leading 5-year guarantee. The Duraspell banana parasol cover is made from superior quality woven polyester that is fully waterproof and the 50+ UV rating protects your banana parasol from the sun’s UV rays to prevent any fading or disintegration of the fabric or damage to the ribs or seams. Due to the curve in the frame, Banana parasols need to be closed correctly and some models have an elbow that needs to be folded away first. The Duraspell Banana parasol cover is tapered to accommodate this curve and fit snugly over the banana parasol. They can still be quickly and easily secured by one person with zip locks and rip-stop tie backs, which will hold the banana parasol together so the wind does not blow it over or damage it. A rigid multi-piece pole is inserted into the seam at the base of the cover and then the cover can easily be slipped on. Duraspell banana parasol covers are available to fit all the standard sizes and we can help you find the correct size cover if the size of your banana parasol is different. Please check our buyers guide if you need help working out what size parasol cover you require. Click here

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