Protecting Rattan Furniture with ClearSpell Furniture Covers

Protecting Rattan Furniture with ClearSpell Furniture Covers

Synthetic Rattan

The most common synthetic rattan materials used to create wicker-pattern furniture are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), PU or PE. The resins are spun into a fabric that can be woven into a wicker pattern to resemble natural rattan. The best synthetic wicker patio furniture is made from high-density polyethylene, because of its durability and resistance to fading.

What is Rattan?

Rattan is a very strong and durable natural fibrous, vine-like plant growing in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa. Belonging to the subfamily Calamoideae, there are about 600 species of rattan, most of which can be used for textured wicker or other patterns of woven furniture by peeling away the skin. Ranging from thin to thick, it is one of the strongest types of wood in the world and sometimes different combinations of rattan species are used depending on thickness.

What is Wicker?

Wicker must not be confused with rattan furniture. Wicker is a technique for making furniture or other objects with a specific weaving pattern, using a variety of materials, whereas rattan is the name given to the hard-wearing fibrous plants which can be woven into wicker or other patterns.

How do I protect my Rattan furniture against the weather?

High-quality natural rattan and top-quality synthetic rattan are both highly durable, but not indestructible and need to be protected from sun, rain, wind, snow, dust and cold by covering your rattan furniture with the best quality outdoor furniture covers. Cheap covers will cost you a lot of money in the long run and will not properly protect your expensive furniture, so buy the best quality at the outset. ClearSpell covers will prolong the life of both natural and synthetic rattan furniture by decades. For natural rattan, it is also advised that you apply a protective marine varnish every two to three years to keep the furniture in pristine condition. Synthetic rattan will last longer if regularly cleaned by skimming off the soap suds from a little dishwashing liquid diluted in water and wiping the synthetic rattan with the soap suds. Often the frame of synthetic rattan furniture is made of wood, which should be kept dry when washing the rattan.

Made from superior-quality woven microfibre polyester, ClearSpell covers are 100% waterproof to protect your rattan furniture from rain and snow. One of the biggest assaults on any outdoor furniture probably comes from the sun. The ultraviolet rays alter the chemical bonds in objects, causing fading or bleaching and change the appearance to let the furniture look old and worn. ClearSpell covers have a remarkable 50+ UV rating to protect your rattan furniture for years and years.

Uncovered rattan outdoor furniture is often exposed to rain, moisture, snow and extreme cold. Extreme cold makes the material brittle and moisture causes mould and mildew in the wicker crevices. Both adversely affect the structural integrity of the rattan, causing the furniture to crack, split, sag, warp or lose its shape. Also, remember that the cushions are not weather resistant and need to be protected. Unless you want to put your furniture into storage every winter or every time there is adverse weather, the only sure way to protect your investment is by using the best quality outdoor furniture covers. ClearSpell outdoor garden furniture covers carry a market-leading 5-year guarantee, ensuring you get the best value for your money and making sure you will be able to enjoy your expensive rattan furniture for decades.

ClearSpell covers have an attractive woven-fabric appearance and come in smart colours, leaving your furniture looking good even when covered. We have a ClearSpell cover for each type of rattan furniture in different sizes and can either provide a shedder frame or advise you on how to create your own shedder frame to prevent water pooling in the centre.

It is well and good to spend a lot of time covering your furniture for the entire winter, but most of us want to cover the furniture for shorter periods and easily remove the cover to entertain or enjoy pleasant winter days. ClearSpell rattan garden furniture covers are easy and quick to install by one person, whether covering individual pieces of furniture, or large rectangular covers that protect the full set. The zip locks and rip-stop security ties hold them firmly in position even in tempestuous winds.

ClearSpell garden furniture covers are made from a soft material that is fully washable or it can simply be wiped down with a wet cloth or dusted as required. When you take the ClearSpell covers off, they can be neatly stored in a handy carry bag instead of creating yet another storage problem for you.

Please check Clearspell’s buyers guide if you need help working out what size and shape rattan garden furniture covers you require.