How Do I Protect My Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture With ClearSpell Covers?

How Do I Protect My Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture With ClearSpell Covers?

Of all the materials used for high-quality garden furniture, cast aluminium ranks at or near the top for appearance, durability and low maintenance. If properly protected by a ClearSpell cover and cared for, it will outlast practically all other kinds of garden furniture material.

While cast aluminium garden furniture is highly resistant to the weather and all other challenges thrown at it, mother nature can be unforgiving and even cast aluminium is not indestructible. To keep it in pristine condition, it needs to be protected properly and should be covered against harsh conditions. ClearSpell garden furniture covers will give you the peace of mind that your cast aluminium furniture would last for generations, retaining its lustre and looking as good as the day you bought it.

Pause for a moment to understand the difference between cast aluminium garden furniture, wrought aluminium garden furniture and tubular frame aluminium garden furniture.

  • Cast aluminium has gone through several casting processes to make it strong and durable. Aluminium is melted in a furnace, alloying elements are added and then the melted liquid is poured into a mould to create the desired shape. This can be done in different processes known as mould casting, die casting or sand casting. Cast aluminium garden furniture is usually more ornate than wrought aluminium or tubular aluminium because there are hardly any restrictions on how it can be shaped and moulded. It is used in anything from kitchen utensils to car and ship engines. Cast aluminium garden furniture is usually powder coated to make it highly corrosion resistant and to prevent fading.
  • Wrought aluminium garden furniture is created by shaping solid aluminium with the help of specialised tools. Wrought aluminium furniture is usually protected by some protective coating to slow down weathering. Wrought aluminium furniture generally has greater tensile strength than cast aluminium or tubular furniture.
  • As the name implies, tubular frame aluminium garden furniture is created from aluminium tubing that is bent into shape and structured to form the frame of the furniture. Tubular aluminium garden furniture is usually protected from weathering and fading by some coating. The better quality tubular aluminium garden furniture incorporates bracing or gusseting for greater strength and extra support.

If aluminium does not rust, why should I cover it?

Even aluminium, whether powder coated or not, will eventually erode in harsh conditions, especially by salty air, extreme cold, snow and constant moisture, particularly at joints or screw holes.

The UV rays of the sun attack the aluminium and except perhaps for diamonds, every other substance will eventually succumb. With a remarkable 50+ UV rating, ClearSpell covers protect your aluminium garden furniture from the sun. It is 100% waterproof to protect your garden furniture from moisture, snow, salt and cold. By using a shedder frame, no water will pool in the centre and the furniture can breathe underneath the cover.

Snow and extreme cold attack the integrity of the aluminium itself. By keeping the snow and cold from direct contact with the aluminium with a ClearSpell cover, you will prolong the life of your furniture by many years. ClearSpell garden furniture covers carry a market-leading 5-year guarantee, backing up the quality and durability of the covers. Think about it – ClearSpell covers have prolonged the life of your aluminium furniture by a minimum of five years and except for the very worst conditions will itself last many years beyond its guarantee!

One of the great benefits of aluminium is its light weight. In stormy conditions though, it could be blown about and damaged. Tubular frame aluminium garden furniture is especially vulnerable. ClearSpell  garden covers are easy to fit with zip locks and rip-stop tiebacks, which can also secure the furniture, especially when grouped together and lashed to a secure anchor point. ClearSpell covers are soft and will not scuff the aluminium while being buffeted by the wind.

ClearSpell covers will keep your cast aluminium garden furniture clean and free of grime. The ClearSpell garden furniture covers themselves are easy to clean. They are fully washable, or can simply be washed down with soapy water or wiped down with a wet cloth.

Of course, you can cover and store your furniture in a warm shed instead, but ClearSpell covers give you the same protection outside or on the patio and the furniture is ready to enjoy whenever you want to relax or entertain on a warm day in the garden or even cooler nights on the patio.

ClearSpell garden furniture covers are made from the best quality woven DuraSpell microfibre polyester and are available in various colours to ensure your garden furniture still looks attractive and classy, even when covered.

ClearSpell covers are available for all types, shapes and sizes of aluminium furniture.

Please check Clearspell’s buyer's guide if you need help working out what size and shape aluminium garden furniture covers you require.