How to make your outdoor furniture covers last longer

ClearSpell covers are an excellent way to keep your garden and patio furniture looking pristine and to prolong their life by many years. ClearSpell covers protect your outdoor furniture from the sun, rain, snow, wind, heat, cold, pets and physical damage. However, to get the best value from your covers, it is important to take care of them too.


Will water pooling on garden and patio furniture covers cause damage?

Surely, if the covers are waterproof they will not be damaged by rain or snow?

The truth is, even top-quality outdoor furniture covers such as ClearSpell, which are 100% waterproof, can sustain damage if water pools in the centre for prolonged periods. Here are some of the ways in which pooling water can shorten the useful life of your garden furniture covers:

  • Damage to the seams
Remember, one litre of water weighs about 1 kg. Twenty or more litres can easily pool in the centre of your covers, weighing more than 20 kg concentrated in one spot, which is quite a heavy weight that both your furniture and covers have to bear under less than ideal circumstances. While the covers themselves will not be damaged by this weight, it puts undue strain on the seams, causing them to be weakened. Stretching the seams also means the sewing holes can start leaking water onto the furniture below, negating the effectiveness of the covers.
  • Distorting the shape of the cover
The covers sag with the weight concentrated in the centre, the covers will sag and if left like that for long periods, they might lose their shape and look tired. This is especially true of custom-made covers.
  • Causing dirt stains.
The pooling water does not remain clear and all the dirt, tannin from leaves, algae and mould accumulating in the water will eventually stain even the best quality covers.
  • Damaging the covers
Cheaper covers will suffer easily, but even the best covers like Duraspell can eventually be damaged by the cumulative effect of pooling water and lose their unspoiled appearance.


How do you prevent water from pooling in the centre of your outdoor furniture covers?

  • Shedding frames: Custom-made Duraspell shedding frames are available from Clearspell and many of the other suppliers of top-quality outdoor furniture covers. They are lightweight but strong and make it easy to draw the covers over the entire frame, especially complete sets, without having to stack the furniture. When you want to use the furniture again, you simply remove the covers and frame and your furniture is ready. It is important to tie the covers securely to prevent them from flapping or blowing away as they now have a much bigger “ face” turned to the wind.
  • Shedding poles: By inserting poles with a wide, rounded top into an umbrella stand, the covers peak in the centre and the water will run off. Placing a closed parasol in the centre can create the same effect. Be sure to tie the covers securely, and to anchor the pole to prevent the covers from blowing off or flapping in the wind.
  • Using an upside-down bucket or smaller furniture on top: Create a tent shape with slanting sides to let the water run off. Make sure the bucket or piece of furniture is secure and that the covers are tied down properly.
  • Self-shedding covers: Some manufacturers make the covers from harder material that is shaped almost like a cone that fits over the top of the furniture. Softer covers have the advantage though that they do not scuff or damage the furniture when it rubs against them.


Cleaning tips to help outdoor garden furniture covers last longer

Taking proper care of your garden and patio furniture covers will prolong their life as well as that of your furniture. Cleaning the covers regularly in the correct manner will save you a lot of money in the long term.

  • Regular wiping: Wipe down the covers with a damp cloth or vacuum the covers to remove dust or loose debris.
  • Washing: Duraspell covers can be washed in a machine and by hand. Many of the other makes should only be hand-washed with a mild laundry detergent. Do not use harsh detergents or chemicals. Avoid using pressure washers.
  • For spots or stubborn stains, use a fabric cleaner and gently scrub the spot, or use a soft bristle brush to loosen the dirt and then wash it.
  • Air dry the covers in the sun, or in front of a fan.
  • Treatment. Duraspell covers are made from woven microfibre polyester and do not need to be treated in any way, but if you do not have Duraspell covers, it may be advisable to treat them with a fabric guard.